Our September baord meeting is canceled. The next board meeting will be held October 19th.

Our fall ball season is underway and registration is close. We are not signing anymore kids up for the fall ball season. Please check back in early November for the Spring season sign ups.

We currently have a few spots open for the 2017-2018 board (see below)

Dedicated individuals who are interested in these open positions should contact Julie Thompson for more information. Please be prepared, during the July meeting, to give a brief statement as to why you think you are qualified for the Board position and be able to provide examples demonstrating your commitment level

Congratulations to our 11s team as they went undefeated and are now the 2017 D54 Champions.

Congratulations to our Junior team.. 2017 District 54 Champions!


Congratulations to the 2017 Fun Fest Champions:

  • AAA Padres Gold Tournament
  • AAA Phillies Silver Tournament
  • AA A's

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Woodcreek Little League Board Memebers 

President – Julie Thompson

Vice President- Ryan Sasser

Information Officer- America Thomas

Secretary and Safety Officer- Open

Umpire in Chief- Mark Truscott

Treasure- Lea Leonard

Registrar- Kevin Thompson

Finance and Sponsorship- Aaron Johnson

Equipment Manager- Chris Lindsay

Fields Director- Open

Asst. Fields Director- Open

Events Coordinator- Open

Snack Bar- Open

Jr/ Sr Player Agent- Kevin Sherrets

Major Player Agent- Chris Murray

AAA Player Agent- Ed Teranova

AA Player Agent- Josh Sisson

Farm Player Agent- Raphael Klug

TBall Player Agent- Tony McNeal 

We have teamed up with the restaurant Legends at Woodcreek Golf Course to sponsor a once per month dine out day for all of 2017.  
Starting Thursday, Jan 19 and every third Thursday of the month in 2017, 10% of your total bill will be donated to Woodcreek Little League (alcohol included, excludes kids meals as they are already discounted).
Please share this with your friends, families, and neighbors! Simply mention to your server at Legends "Woodcreek Little League" and they will donate 10% back to the league. 
LOCATION:  Legends Restaurant @ Woodcreek Golf Course5880 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd, Roseville 95747
DATE: Every third Thursday of the month
1/19, 2/16, 3/16, 4/20, 5/18, 6/15, 7/20, 8/17, 9/21, 10/19, 11/16, 12/21
TIME: All day! From 7am-9pm

Fields Are Marked:  OPEN

 OPEN:    Field is open and playable

CLOSED:        Stay off!!!

Reinspect:     If the infield is muddy and has puddles, DO NOT USE!!!

                     If the grass is soft, muddy and squishy, DO NOT USE!!!

   ** if reinspect is the status, it is the discretion of the Managers, Umpires, and League Board Members to make the decision to cancel due to unplayable conditions and safety hazards.   If you have any questions as to whether a field is playable contact Marc Mostajo, our fields director and or your player Agent for your specific division. (Decisions to cancel, must follow the playability criteria as outlined in the City's Inclement Weather Policy)

Note that if the games are cancelled, and it is not raining at the time, fields are closed for a reason and no practicing should be taking place on the fields.

**Please note we do not update this site until 3:00pm when the city updates their site.





Mahany is renowned in District 54 for having excellent fields but has suffered the past couple seasons due to the drought.  However, Mother Nature has helped out a bunch with the rain we've had to date.  Still, field work is a year-round, on-going effort that requires help and TLC. 

If you want to meet volunteer obligations or have a general desire to help Mahany and even other fields look their best, please reach out to Marc Mastajo at fields@woodcreeklittleleague.com and/or Nick Hendricks at assistfields@woodcreeklittleleague.com. 

We're off to a great start with the rain and there's plenty to do to prep fields for the spring season.  Contact our field personnel who would love to have the extra help.


Woodcreek Little League is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to bringing the Little League experience and values to the players in our league.  We emphasize education, skills training and sportsmanship for youth.
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  • Thursday 9/21
    5:00 PM
    AA 2 vs AA 1
  • Thursday 9/21
    7:00 PM
    RWLL vs Juniors 2
  • Friday 9/22
    5:00 PM
    Farm 2 vs Farm 4
  • Friday 9/22
    5:00 PM
    Farm 1 vs Farm 3
  • Friday 9/22
    5:00 PM
    Majors 2 vs Majors 1
  • Friday 9/22
    6:00 PM
    RWLL vs Juniors 1
  • Friday 9/22
    7:00 PM
    AA 2 vs AA 3
  • Friday 9/22
    7:00 PM
    AAA 3 vs AAA 1
  • Friday 9/22
    7:00 PM
    AAA 4 vs AAA 2