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2016 All-Star Brackets
(updated 7/25 7:30 pm)

Division State Tournament hosted by District 11 - Auburn, CA

Woodcreek lost 10-0 to Pleasanton National LL. 
Woodcreek defeated Delta LL 14-8.
Woodcreek lost to Walnut Creek LL, so their state tournament run is done.  However, the Juniors won 2 banners - district and sections - congratulations on a great season!

Juniors District 54 Champions
Juniors Section 4 Champions

Juniors participated in a Hit-A-Thon contest on Friday, 7/22.  The winner of the state championship will get 50% of the donations to go toward travel to Vancouver.  If you would like to support the team, click on the link to their Hit-A-Thon donation page below.  Pledges will be accepted through July 27.  GO WOODCREEK!!!

Juniors District 54 Champions
Juniors Section 4 Champions

critical blood shortage

Hello, a former Woodcreek Board member, Trish Grace, wants everyone to know that there is critical blood shortage in our area. Below is a message from her and if you could help get the word out so that we can help to resolve this shortage, it would be greatly appreciated .
BloodSource issued a critical public appeal today regarding an unprecedented blood shortage. Decreased collections and increased patient usage of blood components have contribute to dangerously low blood inventories for emergency and ongoing patient needs.

We need your help!

Please let your family and friends know about this need and if they are able to donate blood, to please make an appointment to donate blood soon. For more information, please visit

Thank you, Trish Grace
Patricia C. Grace, RN, BSN
Senior Quality Director

2016-2017 WLL BOARD

2016-2017 Woodcreek Little League Board:

  • President:  Julie Thompson
  • Vice President:  Ryan Sasser
  • Information Officer:  Darrin Gong
  • Secretary/Safety Officer:  Tawnya Ortega
  • Umpire in Chief:  Mark Truscott
  • Treasurer:  Lea Leonard
  • Registrar:  Kevin Thompson
  • Finance and Sponsor Director:  Aaron Johnson
  • Equipment Manager:  Chris Lindsay
  • Field Director:  Mark Mostajo
  • Assistant Field Director:  Nick Hendricks
  • Events Coordinator:  Jana Cervantes
  • Snack Bar Coordinator:  America Thomas
  • Junior/Senior Player Agent:  Kevin Sherrets
  • Major Player Agent:  Ron Hawthrone
  • AAA Player Agent:  Ed Terranova
  • AA Player Agent:  Chris Murray
  • Farm Player Agent:  Raphael Klug
  • T-Ball Player Agent:  Tony McNeil


Fields are OPEN

OPEN:    Field is open and playable

CLOSED:        Stay off!!!

Reinspect:     If the infield is muddy and has puddles, DO NOT USE!!!

                     If the grass is soft, muddy and squishy, DO NOT USE!!!

   ** if reinspect is the status, it is the discretion of the Managers, Umpires, and League Board Members to make the decision to cancel due to unplayable conditions and safety hazards.   If you have any questions as to whether a field is playable contact Marc Mostajo, our fields director and or your player Agent for your specific division. (Decisions to cancel, must follow the playability criteria as outlined in the City's Inclement Weather Policy)

Note that if the games are cancelled, and it is not raining at the time, fields are closed for a reason and no practicing should be taking place on the fields.




Dear Woodcreek Families:

We are calling out to business owners within our Woodcreek community regarding sponsorship for the 2016 season.  Whether you are a small independent business owner or part of a larger organization, we have unique and flexible ways with which to become a sponsor of Woodcreek Little League. 

If you are interested or would like to know more, please reach out to Director of Finance and Sponsorship Paul Valdez at 916-801-9537 and/or


Woodcreek Little League is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to bringing the Little League experience and values to the players in our league. Woodcreek Little League teams have won 94 Championships (and counting) in our 18 years. We emphasize education, skills training and sportsmanship for youth.
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