Woodcreek Little League Baseball
2001 WLL History

The Majors Orioles won the Woodcreek LL regular season title and then proceeded to capture the D54 TOC title. The Majors Giants also represented Woodcreek in the 2001 D54 TOC tourney. Meanwhile, the 2001 Woodcreek LL Majors and Junior All-Stars were crowned D54 Champions.

2001 Major All-Stars: D54 Champions
Manager: Nick Susac Coaches: Ray Privette, Rex Black, John Susac, Rich Hagarty
Players: Sean Harris, Matt Moreno, Daniel Wolford, Max Anderson, Danny Black, David Weld, Anthony Prado, Tyler Privette, Eric Hanson, Michael Hagarty, Cameron Foley, and Andrew Susac.

2001 Majors Orioles: WLL Champions, D54 TOC Champions

Manager: Nick Susac Coaches: Rex Black, Rich Hagarty, John Susac
Players: Sean Harris, Michael Hagarty, Ryan Tooley, Danny Black, Anthony Gonzalez, Tyler Privette, Andrew Susac, Brian Schwyzer, Lewis Leveron, Charles Bakkie, Nick Schwyzer, and Matt Susac.

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