Woodcreek Little League Baseball
2000 WLL History


WLL won 4 titles in 2000 with three D54 titles with All-Star wins in the D54 Seniors, Majors and 9/10 tournaments. The Seniors also won the first Section 4 championship this year. The Orioles were champions of the WLL Majors regular season with the Majors White Sox also representing WLL in the D54 TOC's.

2000 WLL Major All-Stars: District 54 Champions
Manager: Nick Susac Coach: Rex Black
Players: Matt Achinson, Danny Black, Dana Cahill, Sean Harris, Andy Oros, Anthony Prado, Tyler Privette, Devon Riechardt, Daniel Wolford, and Colin Smith.

2000 9/10 WLL All-Stars: District 54 Champions
Manager: Brian Dennis Coaches: John Susac, Rich Hagarty
Players: Andrew Susac, Drew Dennis, Eli Hynes, Nick Shalinsky, Dominick Valencia, Nick Garcia, Chad Renfro, Ryan Rieger, Kyle Gooderham, Michael Hagarty, Matt Susac, Daniel Weld, and Kevin Lapp.

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