League Boundaries

Woodcreek Little League Boundary Map as of 4/23/2008

A detailed street by street mapping is covered by the wording below.  The starting Point is the Corner of Blue Oaks/Foothills Blvd

    South on Foothills Blvd to Atkinson Street
    Southwest on Atkinson street to PFE Road
    West on PFE Road to Walerga Road
    North on Walerga Road to Baseline Road
    West on Baseline to S Brewer Road
    North on S Brewer Road to Sunset W Blvd
    East on Sunset W Blvd to Fiddyment Road
    South on Fiddyment Road to Blue Oaks Blvd
    East Blue Oaks Blvd to Foothills Blvd.

Please click on the link below for a detailed map of the Boundaries.



You must either live within the outlined boundaries or must currently attend a school that is within the boundaries to be eligible to play in Woodcreek Little League.

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