Woodcreek Little League Baseball
2008 WLL History


This years post season brought 5 new championship banners to Woodcreek Little League. The Junior and Senior All-Stars played hard, but unfortunately their season ended early in Districts. The 11's were the District 54 Champions! They went on to play in the championship game against Tri-Cities for the Section 4 title, but they lost a close contest. Both the 9/10's and Major All-Stars won the District 54 and Section 4 Championships! They each went on to represent Section 4 in the Division II, "Nor Cal", Tournament for their age groups. Their season, however, came to an end with tough losses to Alameda LL (9/10's) and Petaluma Valley LL (majors). Congratulations to all the teams for their hard work and dedication! It was another successful year for Woodcreek and each team should be proud of their accomplishments. For the regular season, the Cardinals were the regular season WLL Major champs, with the Majors A's finishing second.

Major TOC "A" Team (Cardinals)
Manager: Scott Johnson Coaches: Stuart Robinson, Mark Truscott
Players: Justin Asuncion, Jake Dirkes, Nick Hoag, Bryce Johnson, Jason Moore, Antonio Pantoja, Blake Robinson, Dylan Smethurst, Brennan Spezia, Dylan Spezia, Jake Truscott, Chase Verneuille.

Major TOC "B' Team (A's)
Manager: Tom Bryce Coaches: Nick Rotteveel, Scott Runner
Players: Jack Blackmon, Austin Cass, Blake Cass, Andrew Grinder, Blake Grinder, Clayton Hall, Cy Hynes, Tyler Johnson, AJ Nist, Alex Rotteveel, Logan Runner, Zach Warner.

Junior TOC Team (Dodgers)
Manager: Mike Valdez Coaches: Rich Hagarty, Fred Dixon
Players: Cody Baron, Anthony Castro, George Corp, Kyle Dixon, Austin Hagarty, Alex Lang, Aaron Marquis, Jessie Salva, Jacob Smethurst, Joey Valdez, Brandon Wyatt.

9/10 All-Stars: District 54 Champions, Section 4 Champions
Manager: Mike Watari Coaches: Todd Malone, Craig Gooch
Players: Justin Asuncion, Jake Dirkes, Nicholas Gooch, Clayton Hall, Joey Pankratz, J. C. Santini, Brandon Zidek, Tyler Bounds, Zachary Erixon, Andrew Grinder, Tyler Malone, Justin Pejovich, Justin Watari.

11's All-Stars: District 54 Champions
Manager: Jamie Clifton Coaches: Mark Truscott, Derrick Saylor
Players: Joshua Cooper, William Hammond, Nate Kaslan, Chris Loeb, Devin Orr, Hank Pankratz, Ricky Ramirez, Scott Saylor, Dylan Smethurst, Brennan Spezia, Dylan Spezia, Jake Truscott, Chase Verneuille.

Major (11/12's) All-Stars: District 54 Champions, Section 4 Champions
Manager: Tom Bryce Coaches: Scott Johnson, Jaime Montes
Players: Austin Cass, Adam Corbett, Mitch Corbett, Nicholas Hoag, Cy Hynes, Bryce Johnson, Alexander Montes, Blake Robinson, Alex Rotteveel, Dylan Stacy, Stephen Sullivan, Zachary Warner, Nicholas Williams.

Juniors (13-14's) All-Stars:
Manager: Mark Beaber Coaches: Rich Hagarty, Mike Valdez
Players: Devin Astor, Cody Baron, Perry Beaber, Wade Brill, George Corp, Kyle Dixon, Austin Hagarty, Zack Icardi, Alex Lang, Michael Mathews, Joseph Valdez, Reed Yardley.

Seniors All-Stars:
Manager: David Cain Coaches: Kevin Loeb, David Liebler
Players: Trevor Braas, Chris Brazil, Brandon Cain, Kyle Costa, Kent Cripe, Ramon Espino, Casey Liebler, Jacob Loper, Jacob Smethurst, Mark Smith, Trace Verneuille, Chris Williams, Dylan Zuverink.

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