Woodcreek Little League Baseball
2007 WLL History

Woodcreek won 4 championships in 2007 by first capturing the Majors and the Juniors District 54 Tournament of Champions, followed by a District 54 All-Star title and Section 4 crown for the 10/11 All Stars. The Braves were the regular season WLL Major champs, with the Majors A's finishing second. In a rematch of the 2006 TOC Championship Game, the A's fought back against the Braves but came up short (8-6). The Junior Division Giants won their last 12 games of the season to finish 17-2-1 and then went on to TOC's beating a very good Pony Express team 11-3 to capture the D54 Juniors TOC title. The Major (11-12's) All Stars lost a heartbreaker 5-4 to El Dorado Hills North in the District 54 championship game.

2007 TOC Champions: Woodcreek Major Braves
Manager: Stan Gearhart Coaches: Paul Benoit, Vic Dirkes
Players: Brennan Benoit, MItchell Brill, Adam Corbett, Joey Dirkes, Nicolas Espino, Lee Gearhart, William Hammond, Kelly Kerins, Jared Moen, Stephen Nogosek, Zachary Samoy, and Mason Shaw.

2007 TOC Champions: Woodcreek Junior Giants
Manager: Mark Beaber Coaches: Adam Pilot, Clint Brill
Players: Perry Beaber, Wade Brill, Yousaf Iqbal, Kasey Levine, Nick Lokey, Sean MacIntosh, Trent Pajer, Kelvan Pilot, Nick Poon, Michael Rios, Gregory Rugh, Kyle Scribner, and Nick Stahl.

2007 Seniors All-Stars:
Manager: Frank Caroddo Coach: Jeff Loper
Players: Charles Bakkie, Brad Bastian, Chris Brazil, Kyle Caroddo, Josh Chiesa, Josh Correa-Wilson, Brad Fink, Cameron Gordon, Michael Greiner, Zack Holbrook, Jacob Loper, Rex Miller, Josh Pratt, Chris Rios.

2007 Juniors All-Stars:

Manager: Adam Pilot Coaches: Mark Beaber, Rich Hagarty
Players: Perry Beaber, Trevor Braas, Wade Brill, Junior Casas, Kyle Dixon, Austin Hagarty, Zack Icardi, Trent Pajer, Kelvan Pilot, Greg Rugh, Mark Smith, Jay Standen, and Chris Williams.

2007 Majors (11/12) All-Stars:
Manager: Stan Gearhart Coaches: Paul Benoit, Vic Dirkes
Players: Travis Bounds, Mitchell Brill, George Corp, Joey Dirkes, Lee Gearhart, Derek Guerra, Ethan Liddle, Jared Moen, Stephen Nogosek, Bobby Pajer, Jimmy Shaw, Joey Valdez, and Reed Yardley.

2007 10/11 All-Stars: District 54 Champions, Section 4 Champions!!!
Manager: Tommy Bryce Coaches: Scott Johnson, Stuart Robinson
Players: Austin Cass, Nick Hoag, Cy Hynes, Bryce Johnson, William Ketchum, Alex Montes, AJ Nist, Blake Robinson, Alex Rotteveel, Mason Shaw, Stephen Sullivan, Zachary Warner, and Nicholas C. Williams.

2007 9/10 All-Stars:
Manager: Kevin Smethurst Coaches: Todd Malone, Chris Pankratz
Players: Tyler Bounds, Blake Cass, Joshua Cooper, Carson Farnsworth, Clayton Hall, William Hammond, Jordan Kunaszyk, Chris Loeb, Tyler Malone, Hank Pankratz, Dylan Smethurst, Brendan Spezia, and Chase Vernielle.

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