Woodcreek Little League Baseball
2002 WLL History

The Majors brought home two banners for WLL in 2002, as the Major Orioles won the D54 TOC's and the Major All-Stars were D54 champs. The Major Cardinals captured the other TOC spot that year.  The Junior All-Stars captured the D54 championship to bring in the 3rd banner this year.

2002 WLL Major All-Stars: D54 Champions
Manager: Nick Susac Coaches: Tom Bryce, Brian Dennis, Rich Hagarty, John Susac
Players: Ryan Reiger, Drew Dennis, Andrew Susac, Alex Dotson, Gio Rios, Michael Moreno, Michael Hagarty, Kyle Gooderham, Tommy McGuire, and Eli Hynes.

2002 Orioles: D54 TOC Champions
Manager Nick Susac Coaches: Rich Hagarty, John Susac
Players: Jeremy Lee, Patrick Murray, Anthony Gonzalez, Trey Hatton, Andrew Susac, Michael Hagarty
Justin Forsyth, Nick Schwyzer, Matt Susac, Lewis Leveron, Wesley Guymon, and Charles Bakkie.

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